About the Program

Welcome to the Tri-State Arsenal Website. The Arsenal Organization is dedicated to developing the highest caliber baseball & softball players in the United States.

One of the goals of the Arsenal program is to provide an environment to enhance and encourage the development of skills and desires of our players in respect to the games of baseball and softball. Under the direction of the “Hit Doctor®” Joe Barth and his staff, the Arsenal program teaches and instills a love for the game that exhibits the best of what our players can be.

The Arsenal teams are made up of some of the finest players from the Tri-State area (New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Delaware) and compete nationally in their respective age groups in search of the most competitive baseball and softball available. The Arsenal players, coaches and organization strive to continuously improve in all aspects of the game with the goal of building the ultimate baseball and softball experience.

The Arsenal experience is like no other baseball experience in the Northeast and it's success speaks for itself. Since it's inception, the Tri-State Arsenal program has successfully captured numerous National Titles and winners of dozens of Regional Tournaments Titles and League Championships.

In addition to the success the Arsenal have had on the field, the Arsenal program has been very successful in providing exposure to college coaches nationwide helping hundreds of our players over the years to receive college scholarships.

The Tri-State Arsenal program strives for excellence however also looks for the higher purpose of creating positive memories that will last a lifetime!

For More information - Download Our "All About the Arsenal Program" Booklet Here

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